Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement with sealed walls and stairs, new drywall and subfloors, and SERPVRO drying equipment

Preparing Storm-Damaged Western Union County Homes for Rebuilding

After the home in this photo endured extensive storm damage, SERVPRO of Western Union County was able to remediate water and perform necessary restoration tasks, including installing new drywall and subfloors. The area is sealed for sanitation and drying.

Fallen Tree in Rockaway, NJ

After a storm knocked down a tree in Rockaway, NJ, this homeowner experienced some issues. As you can see in the picture, the tree fell on the roof and produced debris inside their home.

Storm Debris in Fort Lee, NJ

After a storm rolled through Fort Lee, NJ, this homeowner called us because of the water and debris that resulted. This is not uncommon after a storm and we are fully equipped to deal with situations like these.

Tree Damage After Storm in Rockaway, NJ

A house in Rockaway, NJ suffered from some damage after a tree fell and hit their home. This damage produced some debris and water. The homeowner then decided to give us a call.

Flooding After a Storm in Palisades Park, NJ

After a thunderstorm rolled through Palisades Park, this homeowner called us due to some flooding in their garage. In the picture, notice how deep and the amount of water there is in. Luckily, our crew is equipped to handle flooding and water damage, so the homeowner was able to get their garage back in no time!

Sewage Backup in Fairview, NJ

After a storm, this homeowner called us to explain that their toilet had backed up. The sewage and water flooded their basement as a result. Luckily, our crew was able to clean the water and sewage and leave no trace of an issue!

Storm Debris Cleanup in New Providence, NJ

After a storm, we often receive calls about water and debris affecting a home owner's basement. This particular customer was concerned about the extent of the damage. However, she was surprised with how quickly and efficiently we were able to clean up the debris and water and get their basement back!