Community Photo Gallery

Fanwood Street Fair!

SERVPRO of Western Union County loves attending events like the Fanwood Street Fair in Fanwood, NJ. It allows us to get more involved in our community while having a lot of fun!

Our Annual Pet Adoption Day!

Each year Western Union County hosts a Pet Adoption Day! At this event, we assist local shelters in finding homes for animals in need. It's a day we look forward to all year!

SERVPRO of Western Union County Takes on Color Run

Here at SERVPRO of Western Union County, we value our time together outside the workplace just as much as we do inside. We also understand the importance of getting involved within the community. We are always attending events as a team and always having fun!

A BIG Addition to our SERVPRO of Western Union County Fleet!

We have added an old military-grade truck to our fleet. This truck is almost always at events we sponsor and has become a staple in our community. When people see the Big Rig, they know SERVPRO of Western Union County is here!