Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in Bathroom Cabinet

A homeowner called us about a mold problem in their bathroom. Upon arrival, we saw that one of the cabinets had mold in the bottom. This is not uncommon due to the fact that bathrooms have a lot of moisture and increased temperature.

Mold Remediation in Fort Lee, NJ

This mold was hiding behind a wall in a basement in Fort Lee, NJ. Once we removed the wall, we were able to see the mold and remove and treat it!

Mold in a Basement in Berkeley Heights, NJ

A Berkeley Heights, NJ homeowner called us after they discovered this mold hiding in their basement corner. We were able to treat the mold and get their basement looking "Like it never even happened."

Mold on a Ceiling Tile

This is an extreme case of mold. Most often, mold is hiding in walls or places that can be hard to see. This mold was the result of a leaking pipe in the ceiling. We removed the ceiling tiles, treated for mold, and cleaned up the water from the leak.

Mold in a New York City, NY Apartment

After a leaking pipe in a New York City apartment caused mold, the landlord decided to give us a call. He was extremely pleased that we were able to handle the water and the mold!

Mold in a Home in Bloomsbury, NJ

This is the mold we found on a piece of plywood in a home in Bloomsbury, NJ. The mold was the result of a flood caused by a leaking pipe. The owner was extremely pleased that we were able to take care of the water and the mold.