Water Damage Photo Gallery

Air movement and dehumidification equipment in a kitchen with three drying mats taped down to a wet wood floor

Drying Mats Remove Wood Flooring Water Damage in Cranford

Cranford SERVPRO technicians set up the drying mats in this photo to pull water damage out of the wooden floorboards in this kitchen. These mats work with air movement and dehumidification equipment to dry flooring without pulling up boards.

A demolished basement floor with removed baseboards and bagged contents near a banister leading upstairs

New Providence Basement Water Cleanup and Demo

The basement water mitigation for the New Providence home shown in this photo included flooring and baseboard removal to dry the area and minimize contamination. SERVPRO can install new floors and move covered contents back after restoration finishes.

Kitchen with subfloor showing

Water Damage Hits Scotch Plains Floor Hard

When this Scotch Plains home needed water damage cleanup, SERVPRO techs arrived quickly to scope the property. Moisture seemed under the flooring in this kitchen and required removal for drying.

Flooded Basement in Berkeley Heights, NJ

A homeowner in Berkeley Heights, NJ called us after their basement had flooded. Notice how much the water climbed up the cardboard boxes. This was due to the large amount of water. The homeowner was relieved when we were able to clean it all up.

Warped Door as a Result of Flooding

After a homeowner called us to clean up a flood in their basement, we had a crew out their immediately. This is a picture of one of the doors that was warped as a result of so much water in the basement!

Flooded House in Cliffside Park, NJ

A homeowner in Cliffside Park, NJ gave us a call after they experienced a pipe burst in their home. Notice how the water caused a hole in the ceiling and then the water froze! However, we were able to help this homeowner and they were surprised with how quick we got the job done!

Pipe Burst in Westfield, NJ

After a pipe for a laundry machine burst on the second floor of this home in Westfield, NJ, the homeowner gave us a call. The water from the second floor not only affected the second floor, but the first floor as well. In the picture, you can see how the water affected the wallpaper and caused it to crumple and move. 

Sewage Backup in Edgewater, NJ

A homeowner called us frantically after their toilet had backed up and flooded their basement. They were surprised that we were able to handle not only the flooding but the sewage as well!

Toilet Backup in Edgewater, NJ

Often times, we have to deal with things such as toilet or sewage back up. Take a look at this toilet that backed up in Edgewater, NJ. Fortunately, we have the right equipment and crew to take care of those kinds of situations!